Simply apply a small amount of BeforeNow following the contour of the skin lines treated.  A half pea-sized volume is enough to cover several areas of the face.  Smooth in gently and evenly and allow to air dry.


See and feel the results!  Makeup or concealer may then be applied.

Note:  Heavy or uneven application may result in moderate flaking of the dried product.  Should this occur, simply rehydrate the area with a dampened finger or remove the product with a damp cloth and reapply.

BeforeNow is natural and safe.  Should product come in contact with eyes, simply rinse with water.  Does not contain dyes or fragrance.

Bottom Line: 

BeforeNow tightens, moisturizes

and hydrates the skin to regain 

the look and feel it once had  -BeforeNow

Our blend of natural

plant extracts and

polymers combine to

effectively hydrate the skin, lock in moisture and reduce fine lines

in a process which can be felt and seen from





BeforeNow is a unique skin treatment designed to

tighten skin and smooth out fine lines around the eyes

and other subtle areas

Causes of Aging Skin:

Skin aging is natural and inevitable.  It is a result of thinning skin layers through loss of collagen, lessening of elasticity and moisture retention, exposure to the elements, gravity and neglect.  Continual and routine use of BeforeNow is one simple and effective method to counteract the effects of aging skin and achieve a younger, healthier looking you.


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