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French Coin Lariat w/Moss Agate 5132

French Coin Lariat w/Moss Agate 5132


French Coin Lariat Necklace with Moss Agate -Domed Coin 5132.


This French coin necklace has style. The use of aluminum and bronze gives it a rich color as if it were real gold.  The French symbol, Marianne with Liberty Cap, is on one side with French wording and 20 CENTIMES on the reverse. The coin is slightly domed to add to its rich appearance.The words represent liberty, equality and brotherhood. The coin shows a woman's grace, beauty and strength.  


A moss green agate stone connects the chain and coin. Moss Agate  shows a swirl of green and clear, allowing some light to filter through as if it were a window to nature.  The stone is believed to promote the growth of plants and aid in convalescence. 


The 24 inch lariat style chain adjusts to various lengths -choker to mid length to full length necklace. It can adjust to suit any clothing neckline.


The coin necklace pictured is the same you will receive.


LARIAT:  Brilliant Stainless Steel Cable Chain - 24 inch Lariat Necklace Adjusts to Various Lengths.

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