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Irish 6 Pence Anklet w/Connemara 5078

Irish 6 Pence Anklet w/Connemara 5078


Irish Sixpence Coin Anklet -Connemara Marble -Domed Coin -Whippet -Irish Wolfhound -Lucky Wedding Sixpence -Irish Wedding   5078.


This Celtic sixpence anklet has an Irish Wolfhound dog on one side and an Irish harp on the other.


 The Wolfhound was first named for its ability to rid an area of wolf intrusions. It is generally the largest dog breed on earth, surpassing the Great Danes. Ownership of these were once reserved for the high born and were used in Celtic wars dragging targeted soldiers from their horses or chariots.  Today, the breed is quite more docile.  


The domed coin is made of nickel, or copper and nickel, and is attached to a brilliant cable chain and a  Green Irish Connemara Marble attached. Connemara is found within a single mountain range off the western coast of Ireland in Connaught Province.


Coin dates range from 1928 to 1969.


Anklet:  Brilliant 9 to 10 inch adjustable length cable chain.


The coin anklet is accented with a Connemara marble stone from the Connaught Province of Western Ireland.  Connemara marble shows various shades of green, from light to dark, and is found only within a single mountain range.


There are 4 native stones of Ireland found in separate parts of the country: Connemara (a green stone), Cork (a red stone), Kilkenny (a black stone) and Ulster (a white stone).

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