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Irish Deer 1995 Coin Keychain 5135

Irish Deer 1995 Coin Keychain 5135


Irish Coin Keychain -Deer -Elk -Ireland Coin Keychain -Domed Coin -Stag Keychain -Deer Key Ring -Stag -Eire Harp -Key Fob 5135


This coin Key ring has an Irish 1 pound (Irish Punt) coin attached.  The ancient Irish Harp is shown on one side with the image of the rather large Irish Elk on the other.  This is the Irish Swamp Deer or Red Deer or Irish Elk or simply the Irish Giant Deer, perhaps related to the extinct Eurasian Elk.


The Eurasian Elk was one of the largest deer to ever roam the earth.  It stood nearly 7 feet tall with antlers 12 feet across tip to tip.  Records show it lived in Ireland and throughout Eurasia 7,700 years ago and likely died out due to starvation during the ice age. 


KEYCHAIN:  Stainless Steel Split Key Ring

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